Writers on Fire by Nexus Generation is a place for writers to come together to share resources and information, supporting each other as we explore our shared passion for words and the places they take us.

Our online subscription-based community provides coaching, support, encouragement, and community as you nurture the stories within and discover the joy of sharing your words with others. We are a 
dynamic, creative community of like-minded writers who are passionate about the craft of writing and who are eager to grow and share as they find the best ways to tell their stories.

Feeling stuck? We have prompts and challenges. Not sure if you're on the right track? This is where you'll find feedback and encouragement. Unmotivated? We'll keep you accountable. Ready to publish? We've got publications you can access (on Medium). Don't know what Medium is? We've got a tutorial. 

Whether you need practical advice, inspiration, motivation or a community where you can feel comfortable geeking out about words, we've got you covered. 
While our focus is on writing and sharing our words, we explore ideas, reflect and share books and movie recommendations. We talk. We think. We share. We write.

We also ocassionally host multi-day retreats and experiences such as guided Camino treks, with our next Camino adventure occuring later this year!

And, yes - we have lives beyond our writing, too. We're parents and grandparents, yoga teachers, poets and nature-lovers, climbers and painters - we know that to survive and do good in this world we need to look after ourselves - bodies, minds, and spirits. Writers hunch over their desks for a lot of hours in a row... what's the best yoga routine to counteract that? Our heads are sometimes so full of ideas we can't fall asleep - how do we navigate our way into peace and quiet? Our approach is to support the whole writer, warts and all. 

It's ok to be sad when a piece is rejected and ok to jump around the house dancing when you get a good review. We get it. We understand and we're here for you every step of the way along your writing journey. From idea to published book, whether you write haikus or gritty exposés, it's all about the writing journey, that strange process of wrangling ideas onto the page and into the hearts and minds of your readers. 

We're smart, we're funny, we have huge hearts and we want to help make this world a better place. We know we are wiser, stronger, and happier together. That's why we built the community. 
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